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Cookie Suite

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Cookie Suite (DW4 / UD / DWMX) is an improved version,built under WPL (Webmonkey Public License) of "Cookie behaviors", which was created by Webmonkey for DW2.
Some bugs have been fixed to allow its use in DW4 and DWMX and new features have been added:

  • Frames are now supported: The original version didn't support them. Now you can apply its behaviors to form elements in another frame.
  • It "Remembers" the applied behavior params: In the old one, when you wanted to modify the applied behavior, you had to enter all the values again. Now, current values are shown in the window.
  • You can add  default values: This avoids that, if the cookie has not been stored, a custom message is shown, instead of an empty string or the "undefined" text..
  • Ability to write the cookie value directly into the document: The original extension didn't have this feature. Now, using the "Cookies->Write Cookie" command you can write it directly. It has been added a translator, so cookie's name is show in the document as if it were normal text (it makes easier to apply format to it, as you can see it. See image and click to enlarge). It's very similar to the way Ultradev and DWMX display the recordset fields.If you want, you can disable the translator. 

How does it work? it has 3 behaviors and 1 command:

Set Cookie (Behavior): You can create a cookie from an entered value by you or it can be read from a form field in your document.

Read Cookie (Behavior): Cookie value will be written in a form field.

Kill Cookie (Behavior): The Cookie is deleted.

Write Cookie (Command): You can write the cookie value into your document and display its name in design view if the translator is enabled.

Download Cookie Suite

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