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Fast Link Styles

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Fast Link Styles is an extension made to help all those people who want to know "How do I remove the underline in my links and change their color when I put the cursor over them?". Well this extension will help them: Now they just have to choose which colors they want to use,  if htey want to underline the links and if links should be display bold. There are 4 positions:

  • Link Color: The color that the link should display by default..
  • Visited Link Color: The color the link should have after it's been visited.
  • Active Link Color: The color of the link when the visitor click on it.
  • onMouseOver Color: The color of the link when the user puts the cursor over the link.

Next to each color, you can select if the link should be underline at that position.

"Apply Bold" option is general: I find horrible those links that are bold only when you are over them, so I tried to refrain people from using it 8-) 

Besides, you can create different links styles for the styles that you have already defined in your document. Select one of them from the drop down list) or create a new one (clicking the "New..." button). From now on, the links styles   will be applied in the area of your document where that style is used. Follow the same steps for the rest of styles and you will have different colors for your links in the same document.

The extension includes a help file with a demo of 3 styles applied to the same document.

Sep,3 2003: New Version 1.2.3: Fixes a bug: underlines in visited, active and hover positions were displayed incorrectly.

You can see a demo here

Download Fast Link Styles (current version: 1.2.3)

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