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PHP Recordset Paging Status

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DWMX and PHP/MySQL Server Model: This extension adds two more server behaviors to display the status of a Repeat Region. By default, with Dreamweaver you can use "Display Starting Record Number", "Display Last Record Number" and "Display Total Records". With current Server Behaviors you can write something like:

Displaying records from 10 to 15 of 45

Well, as I've said, you can add two more options to these behaviors: "Display Current Page" and "Display Total Pages", so now you can also write:

Displaying page #3 of 5

All you need before using them is a repeat region in your document (exactly as you need for DW's built-in Server Behaviors, that's obvious). After that you can use them as you please:

In the example, our recordset returns 9 results. We've created a repeat region, displaying 3 records per page. We've also added a Recordset Navigation bar:

Now, put the cursor after the "#" and select "Server Behaviors->Display Record Count->Display Current Page:

Select the Recordset you are using for your Repeat Region:

And after that, Select Server Behaviors->Display Record Count->Display Total Pages. When you have finished, you should see this in Live Data View:


As I said before, our recordset returns 9 records (3 records per page) so, if our Repeat Region returned 2 records per page it will display 5 pages instead of 3:

You can download it here

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1.- 1. No one is an arian. I was making a point to appeal to non-arians: that we all want to be able to offer more comfort than they can afford.2. Ryken is relaying an article, not necessarily his own views. I’m sure he would agree with Pa78kr&#e21c;s view which Derek Thomas quoted. And I thought Packer’s statement was quite good.

2.- Just what I was looking for, worked first time... couldn’t ask for more. Thanks very much for this excellent addition :D

3.- How about making it work with mssql ?

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