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TinyMCE Editor for Dreamweaver

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The TinyMCE widget is a port of the popular TinyMCE Editor, the same one used in WordPress, ready to be added to any document using Adobe Widget Browser and Dreamweaver CS5.

It gives you an easy way to add this editor to any document; however, you must take some things into account:

1.- The widget cannot manage advanced features, like creating custom styles, templates and drafts: These kind of features must be added/edited by hand to the final script. However, it will allow you to add the most common buttons ready to work:

2.- The widget lets you create up to 4 rows of buttons. You remove the ones you don't need simply by leaving them empty (that is, hiding all of its buttons). For example, if you just need one row of buttons, hide all the buttons in rows 2,3 and 4. The widget includes a basic preset where you can see how it is made:

3.- Make sure you are not duplicating buttons: The widget lets you add almost any button to any row: If that button has been set as visible in another row, there can be some (mainly cosmetic) issues: empty separators or buttons that do not display properly. If you are noticing it, check that the button is not visible in two rows at the same time.

Using the widget with Dreamweaver CS5:

1.- Once you have added the widget, you will see a normal textarea. Just remember that you must use the textarea name to manipulate the data with your server side language of choice (as you do with any other textarea):

2.- When you click Live View, the magic takes place:

That's all! The editor is ready to be used!

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can do it here

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