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PHP Dynamic Thumbnail

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PHP/MySQL Server Model: With this extension you can generate thumbnails from the image names stored in your database.  Besides, it can open the original image in a popup window and display an optional image if there are errors (if image is not stored in the folder or the database field is empty, for example).


  • GD 1.x or 2.x installed on your server.
  • The DB field should store the image's name (as text) and not the image itself (as blob)
  • The image must be a JPEG file: it won't work with GIF's (GD does not support them) or PNG's (Explorer badly supports them).
  • The folder where images are stored must have write permissions.


  • Thumbnails are cached, saving systems resources.
  • An optional image can be displayed if an error occurs (if the field is empty, if image can't be found, if image is a gif...).
  • The code also checks if the image is a true JPEG file, checking its extension and its file type: Any file that it is not a JPEG (even if it has the *.jpg extension) will return an error (and will show the optional image). Only jpeg files with the extensions *.jpg and *.jpeg will work. The others will show the optional image.
  • A translator is included to put a placeholder where thumbnails wil be displayed
  • Works inside a repeat region. 

The extension window looks like this:

Images Folder: Browse to the folder where images will be stored.

Recordset/Image Field: Select the recordset and the field that stores the names. You must note that the join of the Images Folder path and the content of the image field should give a valid path.(For example: if you select the folder "../images" and the filename field in the DB returns "myimage.jpg" the code will search for the file "../images/myimage.jpg").

Width and Height: Only Width is important, because the code will generate the thumbnail using it (and height will be proportional). However, the Height value is useful for the placeholder (See image below).

Thumb Prefix: the thumbnails generated will be stored with this prefix and the thumbnail's width. For example the image "myimage.jpeg" can create a thumbnail called "thumb_200_myimage.jpg. It may sound a bit weird, but it has an explanation. Creating a thumbnail uses quite a lot of system resources, so I prefer to keep a copy with all the sizes that I will use. This way, if my thumb is 200px wide in one page and 300px in another, I can keep a copy of both of them ("thumb_200_myimage.jpg" and "thumb_300_myimage.jpg"). The next time the page is executed, it will use these files instead of creating new ones.

Add PopUp: If you check it, The users will be able to click on the thumbnail to open a popup window with the original image. 

Alternate Image: if an error occurs, this image will be displayed. Common errors should be: DB field is empty, the file can't be found or the file is not a jpg file. If you don't want to show an image, just leave this field blank and nothing will be displayed in the document.

And most important of it all: If you find a bug, please let me know!!!

Download it here (Current version:1.1.0)

June 21, 2004: New in version 1.1.0:

  • "OK" Bug: fixed
  • Improved GD Version Check
  • File extension bug: Fixed

TODO List:

-I'm thinking about adding a new feature to next release: I want to make it to delete orphaned thumbs automatically. I have some code already done and working, but I'd like to know your suggestions about it: Should it delete the files?, move them to another folder? Post your ideas as a comment below. Thank you!!

-I'll try to add an option to select thumbnail quality in thumnails.

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