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PHP Server Formats

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 Macromedia Approved Extension. Dreamweaver MX, MX2004, DW8, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS5.5 compatible: This extension adds more server formats to the "Format" column in the Data Bindings Panel. You'll have noticed that DWMX only offers a few Server Formats: Trim, AlphaCase and Enconde. This extension adds another 34 Server Formats, for text, numbers, currency and Date/Time. Some of them can be quite useful (newlines to BR and currency formats, for example) and some can be just curious(Reversed Text, for example)

All of them can be used with any of the items than can be inserted from the Data Bindings Panel: Recordset Fields, Form Variables, URL Variables, Cookie Variables...


  • Count Num of Characters: When used, the document will display the number of characters of the selected item.
  • NewLine to BR: If you have a textarea for user input, you will have noticed that the returned text won't show the carriage returns. This format will transform those carriage returns in <BR> tags, so the content will be displayed as it was introduced.
  • HTML As Text: This server format will display the HTML tags the text could have: Hello World will be displayed as <B>Hello World</BR>.
  • Strip HTML Tags: This server format will remove the HTML tags the text could have:Hello Worldwill be displayed as Hello World.
  • Reversed Text: It will display the text written from Right to Left

Numeric: 4 Server Formats:

  • Binary To Decimal: It will display the Decimal value of a binary number.
  • Decimal To Binary: It will display the binary value of a decimal number.
  • Decimal To Hex: It will display the Hexadecimal value of a Decimal number.
  • Hex to Decimal: It will display the Decimal value of a Hexadecimal number.

Currency formats: 6 Formats

  • 3 formats with thousand separated by a comma and decimals separated by a dot. you can choose among 0,1 or 2 decimals.
  • 3 formats with thousands separated by a dot and decimals separated by a comma. Again you can choose among 0, 1 or 2 decimals.

Date / Time formats: 18 Server formats to display Unix Timestamps and MySQL Date/Time fields: They are separated in Date formats and Time formats. If you want to add, for example the date and time, you simply have to add the same item twice and apply a different format to each of them (one to display the date and the second to display the time)

All these formats will be shown in the column "Format" in the Data Bindings Panel (See picture):

Nov, 23 2009: Version 1.3.1 (current version):
Fixed translator's bugs with non recordset bindings (URL,Post, session and cookies params).

May, 11 2007: Version 1.2.2:
Support for Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4

Sep, 02 2003: New in version 1.2.1:
-Translator's bug solved (See users' comments below):
The translator wouldn't work with time formats applied to recordset values. Fixed in this version. 

Feb, 13 2003: New in version 1.2.0:
- Date and time formats for MySQL Date/Time fields:
Just select the "Date/Time (MySQL)" menu in the drop down menu. No support for the "timestamp" field yet, sorry; You'll have to use the UNIX_TIMESTAMP() function in your queries (see the tutorial)
- A simple translator has been added as well: now you'll have a visual help in design view, instead of the yellow php shield (it's working this time).

Now, you can read this short tutorial about how to make the extension work with MySQL Timestamp Types (not supported yet, only Date/Time fields). It's easier than you think.

Version Compatibilities
Dreamweaver MX PHP Server Formats 1.2.1 (Download)
Dreamweaver MX 2004
Dreamweaver 8
Dreamweaver CS3 PHP Server Formats 1.3.1 (Download)
Dreamweaver CS4
Dreamweaver CS5
Dreamweaver CS5.5

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